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Annual Needlework Show Information

The Needle Arts Guild of Toledo hosts an Annual Needlework Show. Entries are accepted from any needleworker, not just guild members. You don't need to be a member of NAGT or The Embroirderers' Guild of America, Inc. to enter our show.

The results of our 45th Annual Needlework Show are now available on our Past Results page. Information about our next show will be posted here as it becomes available.

About The Show

The exhibit is FREE and open to the public. Guild members will be present at the exhibit during all show hours. Please view our list of Past Results to get an idea of the number of entries and types of needlework you'll see. Various needleworking techniques will be demonstrated during the show.

About Our Display

Framed items will be displayed on our cloth-backed display stands. We have also built custom slanted cushions to display beadwork and other small items. Each item is listed in our Show Catalog along with its title, category, the entrantís name and a brief description of the piece. Each item on display is also accompanied by a display card.

Framed pieces are requested to have a wire or other hook-type hanger. If your framed piece has a non-hook mounting (e.g., hook and loop tape, Command strips, etc.), please provide an easel for tabletop display.

About Our Judging Criteria

The following is a list of the judging criteria that will be used and their total points for each. The judge will award up to 40 points to each piece. You may follow the link for each topic to an article on evaluating your embroidery that first appeared in our newsletter discussing the subject in depth.

Do the stitches show good technique for this type of needlework or have they been executed poorly? (15 points Commercial, 10 points Original, Adaptation or Interpretation)
Color & Design
Does the color and/or combinations satisfy, or is the color effect inharmonious or even disturbing? Is the design fresh, imaginative, pleasing and well balanced? (10 points Commercial, 15 points Original, Adaptation or Interpretation)
Suitability of Materials
Are the fabrics, threads and stitches suited to each other and how well are they suited to the design and purpose of the piece? (5 points)
Is the presentation of the piece appropriate and well done? Does the finishing enhance the embroidery or does it detract or overpower it? (5 points)
What is the overall effect or feeling of the piece? Is the piece exciting, distinctive, splendid and impressive or average/competent? (5 points)

Entry Eligibility

All entries must be finished pieces from one of the categories of threaded needle techniques. Pieces may not have been entered in any previous Needle Arts Guild of Toledo Show. Categories may be reassigned by the show committee or the judge if appropriate based on the piece.

Entries must be submitted to the Show Chairman, Diane Myers, no later than the NAGT meeting on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 (as noted above). Pieces must remain on display in the show until it closes at 4pm on Sunday. You may contact Diane at 419-705-8156 or by e-mail to to make arrangements to drop off your entries prior to the meeting.

All shipment costs must be paid for by the entrant. The Needle Arts Guild of Toledo assumes no responsibility for pieces damaged during transit.


In addition to the regular Best in Show, Judgeís Choice, Guild Choice and Popular Choice awards, there will be a Triathlon award. This award will be for the entrant with the best average score in at least three categories, regardless of classification. Entrants may enter as many items as they wish in each category. The item with the highest score in each category will count towards the Triathlon score, which is the average of the entrantís three category scores. Only the top three scores are used if more than three categories are entered.

First Timers Award

In 2013, we added this new award to encourage new stitchers to enter our show. The highest scoring entry from a stitcher entering our show for the first time will receive this award.

Legacy Award

Over the years, we have lost several members. We have chosen to honor their memory with the Legacy Award. This award will be given by our judge to the piece that best shows creativity in an original or adapted design.

If you have any questions about entering in the show, please e-mail Susan Pellitieri at, or call 419-382-1329 before 11pm.

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This page was last updated on September 26, 2022.